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I’ve realised that I’ve been writing bits and bobs a lot recently without really doing much with them. A lot of this writing has gone on Here’s a list of articles you may or may not find interesting:


The idea behind this was to review all the terrible films on Netflix. It turns out that’s an idea almost sisyphan in nature so I gave up after the grand total of one. Here is that one, it’s a film about robots with Tom Selleck in it.

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Anatomy of Success: The Top Selling Singles of the Last Five Years

I wrote this with my friend Emily who you can find here on Twitter: @emilykimber. I’ve probably forgotten to hyperlink that so you may just have to type it in.

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We also wrote this where we pretended to be agony aunts

Problem Solvers 

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Really wish I’d done these as I wrote them now. This is boring. Here’s another thing…

Dildos and Dalai Lamas: The World’s Weirdest Laws According to the Internet

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And one more…for some reason this one will be in a larger font than the rest, but it’s a formatting gripe rather than any sort of favouritism or pride

Duncan Feugue-rson? How a Classical Composer Paid Tribute to Football’s Hardest Hard-Man

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Lost Treasure and Little Green Men

Here’s another story I wrote about our treasure hunt in the States in 2014. How does 2014 sound positively historic now?! Regardless, here’s a piece for Enterprise about the UFO watch tower we found in Colorado.

Five things I learned of a $3 million treasure hunt

I guess if this website is going to insist on sitting here I should probably make an effort to update it every once in a while.

With that in mind, here’s a thing I wrote for Red Bull last year about a hunt for treasure.

Four Inventions That Will Ruin Sex For Everyone

“Sex is quite a simple affair on paper—usually involving two willing participants grunting and fumbling, followed by a mumbled apology and a really long nap. But, as a generation weaned on technology, we seem to have complicated it…”

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Dapper Laughs: Tears of a Clown

“You could describe him as a ‘victim’ of Poe’s law wherein, “It is difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between parodies of fundamentalism or other extreme views and their genuine proponents.” Or, in layman’s terms, you can’t see the forest for the guy pretending to be a massive, dickhead tree.”


Everyday Chemistry: The Greatest Beatles’ Albums That Never Existed

“On September, 9, 2009, a man calling himself James Richards claims he travelled to another dimension. There, the ketchup was purple and the Beatles were still together.”

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Hunters Part One

“While the rest of us are at work, navigating the supermarket, or filling out tax returns, a community of men and women quietly act out our childhood dreams — immersing themselves in the ongoing pursuit for the world’s hidden treasure.”

Hunters Part Onerockymountains

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David Cameron Reviews Haim’s ‘Days Are Gone’

” I was given a marijuana crème brulee once at prep school and spent an entire week convinced I was a thumb.” More of this, here.


Les UX

The Sunshine Underground

A few years ago I wrote an article about a group of urban explorers operating within the French capital. The explorers had become famous for building a secret, underground cinema within the hundreds of miles of hidden tunnels that lie deep beneath the streets of Paris – a cinema that could seat twenty people, contained a bar, a restaurant, an intricate security system and at least three working phone-lines. For three years a film festival was held there during the summer, for a close-knit, secretive group of friends who took pleasure in exploring and reclaiming the lost spaces of their city.  It was apparently just one of many projects the group had throughout Paris, and would probably never had been found if the ex-girlfriend of a group member hadn’t, out of spite, told the police of its location. It mattered little however, when the authorities eventually located the uncharted, underground room they were caught on CCTV camera, triggering a mechanism that caused a tape deck to fill the ancient caverns with the sound of barking dogs. When they eventually realised the dogs weren’t real and tentatively set foot inside the two-room complex, they found it deserted. Next to the tape recorder there was a note that read, ‘do not try and find us’. There was no one the French police could hold accountable, but, for the meantime at least, that was the last picture show.

The underground cinema in the 'Catacombs' of Paris

It’s a great story, isn’t it? And one that I always find myself coming back to every so often. I was thinking about it just this weekend in fact, and then today I happened across this amazing article in Wired: The New French Hacker-Artist Underground